A personal relationship manager for your life.

Serendipity is the personal relationship manager built for bringing serendipity to your relationships. Update high value relationships, visualize and grow your network, and tap into the full potential of your network. We are in closed beta ✨

Wall of Love πŸ’• (our simps)

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Backed by the best 😼

Some of our frens include:

Naval Ravikant 🧘🏽

Uses a BCI to send wisdom to Twitter servers via the API

Justin Kan πŸ“Ή

Your favorite founder's favorite founder

Elad Gil ✨

Kid Goku of Silicon Valley

IDEO πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

They designed the cool shopping cart video

Founders, Inc. πŸš€

Where founders build epic companies